Yealink CP930W Wireless VoIP Conference Phone

Wireless is king. And why not? It’s so much more convenient than worrying about cables all the time.

But one space that’s lagging behind in adopting wireless is VoIP in the conference room.

Yealink has taken the lead in the race to wireless for business communications.

Meet the Yealink CP930W.

Yealink CP930W Conference Phone

Yealink CP930W Cordless IP Conference Phone

Yealink CP930W gives you all the advantages that a professional VoIP conference phone offers your business — plus true wireless connectivity.

It comes in two options:

True Wireless Connectivity

CP930W is a DECT conference phone, which means it uses the wireless DECT protocol. It connects to the VoIP phone system through the Yealink W60B IP Base Station.

DECT offers excellent connectivity with a wireless range that goes beyond what Bluetooth can offer: up to 50m (164ft) indoors and 300m (984ft) outdoors.

Using DECT also helps with spectrum density. If you have too many devices using a specific wireless frequency range, signals can deteriorate, which is an increasing problem in our wireless world.

Because DECT operates over a different part of the wireless frequency than Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, it doesn’t interact with those signals.

This reduces signal loss, leading to more stable, better sound conversations.

Yealink W60B Base Station

Hybrid Device Connectivity

CP930W also supports Bluetooth 4.0. Connect a mobile phone or tablet to the conference phone to use it as an ultra-powerful speakerphone.

Or you can connect to the phone using a USB cable. CP930W has a USB Micro-B port that lets you pair with a computer.

The conference phone supports 5-way local conferencing. You can have a Hybrid UC Meeting that merges conference phone and smartphone users.


The most important feature of a conference phone is audio quality. CP930W shines.

Optima HD technology provides wideband audio. The conference phone offers an audio frequency range of 60 Hz to 16 kHz.

Hearing a fuller range of audio improves comprehension and makes the conversation feel more natural.

So going wireless will not negatively affect your sound quality.

CP930W also includes Noise Proof technology, which uses native intelligence to greatly reduce background distractions. Your conversations will be clear and easy to understand.

The phone supports local call recording without requiring any license. It has a microSD card slot for recording conference calls.

Yealink CP930W Charging Cradle

Microphones & Speaker

You see we didn’t title this section “Microphone.”

CP930W has a built-in three microphone array positioned on each arm of the Y-shaped phone, Y for Yealink.

Using three microphones lets the phone pickup voices in every direction: 360° coverage.

The microphones are sensitive enough to pick up voices out to 20ft.

In other words, a single CP930W is powerful enough for group calls in conference rooms and board rooms.

But because it’s a wireless conference phone, it’s just as easy to take into the huddle room. In other words, it fulfills two business telephony needs at one time.

CP930W has a 5W speaker with a 56mm diameter that lets every hear the conversation clearly.

Battery Life

Of course, with any wireless device long-lasting battery life is all important.

CP930W has a built-in Lithium battery that offers all-day life: up to 24 hours of talk time.

It takes less than 4 hours to charge the device using the included charging cradle.

And if you forget to set it on the charger, don’t worry: it has a 15-day standby time.

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