Canon IP Cameras Mean Incredible Image Quality

Everyone knows Canon.

The Japanese photography giant named after the bodhisattva Kannon is one of the most famous makers of cameras there’s ever been.

They extend that devotion to craftsmanship and top-tier optics to video surveillance with their full portfolio of IP cameras.

When you start with an unbeatable lens, good things happen.

Capitol Building

Example: Canon IP Security Cameras for Government

Here’s a typical scenario for Canon IP cameras.

A courthouse in the Midwest, downtown, a busy street. It’s a sensitive location!

Not only do employees — lawyers and judges, among others — come in and out every day, but the public is always there: going to court cases, getting permits, paying fines, and more.

Tensions run high and there are only so many security staff to be had. Yet security is paramount.

Surveillance cameras provide a cost-effective answer.

Canon security cameras are known for their excellent image quality, the result of that famous Canon lens.

You get detailed evidence to protect the public, lessen investigation costs, and reassure workers and visitors alike that their safety is a priority. Surveillance also reduces vandalism.

These advantages hold true at local, county, state, and federal buildings, including water treatment plants, airports, police stations, roadways, museums, parks, and more.

Canon VB-R12VE IP Camera

Canon Network Cameras

The foundation of Canon cameras is, of course, the Canon lens, which it uses to build fixed and zoom cameras, including PTZ cameras.

For example, Canon VB-R12VE offers full PTZ functionality with 360° continuous panning, which means it can rotate completely without needing to rotate back. The camera has a 0° to 180° tilting range, so it can cover space directly below it as well as objects on the horizon line.

The 4.4-132mm lens with f/1.4-4.6 aperture gives you 30x optical zoom. Thirty times!

On top of that, it features Enhanced Digital Zoom gives you an additional 20x zoom.

Combined with a professional CMOS sensor, the camera provides highly detailed 1080p Full HD video.

Canon Outdoor Cameras

Canon network cameras come in indoor or outdoor models.

The outdoor Canon cameras have extensive features for protecting the camera, including an extended operating temperature range down to an Antarctic -58°F.

The revamped models come with Hydrophilic Coating II, which reduces the disturbance to video caused by raindrops accumulating on the camera.

Canon also makes models with built-in infrared lights and sensor to give you video evidence in pitch black conditions.

You can see why Canon IP cameras make such a good choice for government applications.

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